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cyber terrorism has apparently struck the official twitter account for burger king. the twitter page is now spend. look at that. here's a look at the banner from that version of the hackers apparently replaced a burger king logo with a -- oh -- golden arches. it reads the whopper flopped. the hacker sent out 2010s including, try our new bk bath salt. 99% pure. buy a big mac, get a gram free. that's great. folks at burger king have not yet responded to this apparent hack but most are confident they're not selling bath salts. norway's stayed broadcasting company has finish what was probably one of the most unusual live broadcasts the history of things that happen here inside your television box. over the weekend we're told nrk -- the network there --
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showed 12 straight hours of a fire burning in a fire place. sadly, we do not have the video of the broadcast but it sounds like the yule log broadcast that some television stations show. last we're officials were planning special reports during the fire covering important topics leak how to build a fire. a spokesman for the nrk network called the broadcast, slow but noble television. >> what is wrong over there? >> oh, quite a lot. we only have ten seconds. not time to get into it. >> shepard: wow. the markets are closed so you didn't lose any money today. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> the bitter cold. the unrelenting pump. and the over the top environmental nuts. they say bad things come in
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threes. who knew this presidents' day they would all come at once. today we can act. you decide. that meteor last friday, we're beginning to think here it was an omen. [screaming] >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. they say heat can fry the bay. i'm beginning to thing cold puts it on ice. look at these global warming protesters, raging in the middle of an arctic blast. we have charles not quite feeling their pain. then phil on the cold behind our pain. but first, adam houseley in santa monica, california, where drivers have had it with the pain behind him. how adam? reporter: we were out here talking to you in the summertime. prices were consistently over five dollars a gallon. it's being chucked up to the summer driving season. no one expected this.
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no one expected prices to be this high in the middle of winter. in fact they put together some unnumbers for you as gas prices have gone up for 31 days straight across the country. back on january 18th. 3.29, the national average. today, 3.73. gas prices just over the weekend spiked, for example, friday, 3.64, now, again, 3.73 a gallon. and if you look at the state averages in the continuous 48 -- hawai'i is always the highest but here in the lower 48, california, 4.62. michigan. 3.91. florida, 3.80. and new york, 3.98. as you might imagine drivers from coast-to-coast are none too happy about it. >> a form of extortion. i drive for a living. >> noticing less in my paycheck and then having to deal with higher gas prices. i need a bike. >> it has gone up dramatically just in the last few days.
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>> i don't know what's going on but it's out of our hands. >> seems like only companies are making pretty good cash. reporter: diesel is always up -- is also up as well. neil, the reason? people are saying because refine riz are down. the u.s. says our oil reserves are up. the fact is they're saying there's more necessity for gas around the globe, and that causes prices to spike, and here in california, as you hear a bus backing up to my right, people are not too happy whatsoever at all. they drive in and out of the station we're at. 4.99. you can drive around southern california in the car culture and fine a number of stations already above $5 a gallon. and again, we're in the middle of winter. wait until april comes around and the summer driving season starts and the prices spike then. people are worried we might see $6 a gallon here in california. i. >> neil: adam, thank you very much. even before the cold, it would cost you more to fill your car. wait until you see how much more
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it could be costing you just to heat your home. phil is on the -- with the latest on the chill pill. reporter: in the northeast if you're heating with heating oil, prices are 91-cents a gallon more than a year ago, this is mainly because of the aftermath of hurricane sanity. after hurricane sandy the focus was getting gasoline back into the cars, and heating oil supplies fell to a 10-year low. you know what that means? that means that prices are more sensitive to weather than they ever have before. take a look at that temperature. everytime you see that temperature drop, you're going to see the prices rise, because supplies are so tight right now. and so now, right now, for heating bills, especially if you're in new york and you're chilly right now, you're going to really get frostbit when you go for the wallet because prices are as good as the temperatures go. where will prices go? depends on the thermometer. we could see prices go up not a five or ten cents a gallon.
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but if we get some warming, global warming, at least in new york, the pries could fall. so it's up to mother nature at this point. >> neil: it's traded like a commodity, and we see prices as high as they are now go higher because the temperatures go lower and it feeds on itself. reporter: it does. you have to remember when we talk about heating oil, it acts as a proxy for other fuel like diesel and jet fuel. and all of those fuels have been challenged because of the rash of refinery problems, increasing global demand, and the rising cost of crude oil. we have seen the price of crude oil go up almost ten dollars a barrel. that means al the product goes up as well. neil: thank you, phil. in the meantime, i think they might call this a case of -- i don't know -- bad timing.
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>> pretty cold there but tens of thousands of environmental activists taking to the streets of washington to protest global warming in the mid ol' the arctic blast but if you think it's a case of bad timing, it's their push to keep the keystone pipeline a pipe dream is -- you're saying hip their push to -- for the president not to change his mind and open up keystone, it's the economy that could suffer. >> without a doubt. i think next time they have the protests they should hand out sheets so everyone has the same lyric. >> neil: on one of the coldest days. >> maybe won't have icicles on the lips. the bottom line is, pennsylvania, it's amazing.
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you -- a god send, north dakota, lowest unemployment in the country. to think that people out there who probably have done very little research, or listened to the president saying it's been hot the last 10 or 15 years. let's look at the entire globe, the entire earth. more importantly, did you drive to that protest? do you want your neighbor to have a job in that's the real issue. >> neil: one of the things they did that's right, they bussed a lot of in. any way they could get them to be there for the prost. but used to be that global warming was the cause. but if it's not warm outside you have to see the climate change to force the issue. does it put fear in traders' minds bus they bid up the price of any related energy project on the belief we're not going to look for energy alternatives? >> you have to believe the
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president is going to do something to make the environmentalists happy. we know that drilling on federal landses down dramatically. so if they let the keystone pipeline through, then there's got to be something big, something nice and juicy to give to the environmentalists to sort of assuage their anger. so i'm more than worried about this. this is an amazing situation. when the president talks about us importing less fuel he is talking about the fracking miracle. the miracle of being able to find fossil fuel under our feet that we had given up and it's created jobs and tax revenue for local and state governments and the federal government, and it's nuts to turn this upside-down but a lot of people will based on emotions, not fact. >> neil: even if it's too cold -- that's enough. what really is on the protesters mind. mark found out for himself.
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let's just say this -- environmentalists discovered something more scary. >> what drew many dismantle depipeline? >> we would like for by any means necessary for the pipeline to not be built. whether that means strikes, busing workers or by any means necessary, we will at least vocally support. >> when you say any means i'm getting images of things being blown up. eek core terrorism. >> i'm saying by any means, by barack obama stopping it, spectacular. >> you're tot talking about dismantling physically or ecoterrorism. >> depends on the circumstances. >> a possibility? >> means by any means necessary. >> neil: mark is with us now. mark, wow, just wow. reporter: this was a very typical sentiment at this rally. there's anger, and it's not
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just -- these are not just a few disgruntled protesters. the lead nasa global warming scientist has announced it's game over for the climate if we approve the keystone pipe will be. gabe was arrested protesting the pipeline. he is nasa's lead scientist endorsed a book calling the world for ridding itself of industrialization by turning off the greenhouse gas machine. this man i interviewed about ecoterror and the pipeline, his inspiration to stop the pipeline. so, the leaders at nasa -- i call them nasa's resident ex-con -- is inspiring these people to point acts of ecoer toism, and they're against all forms of energy, which doesn't make send. if we're getting oil from democracy in canada, that's caught ethical oil, as opposed to getting from nye jeer -- nye
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nigeria or the middle east. the. >> neil: what is scary, the ends justify the means and if push came to shove and it meant tearing the thing down or doing god know's what, without this oil, it's a better world for us? that is crazy. >> yes, it's not about not in my backyard so much as they're worried about the extra co2 that would be emited in the atmosphere. the same guy said we only have four years to save the planet in january 2009. we passed another mayan calendar deadline. they believe in this prophecy ask don't think they won't act. in the environmentol commitey we had to deal with ecoterrorism when it came to animal rights, property rights, and in colorado
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so it's a very real thing. torching suvs. this movement, if it gets frustrated, particularly frustrated with a democratic president, obama, who is supposed be their standard bearer and approves the pipeline, they're going to have some angry people. >> neil: you're a brave fellow going into the crowd. good to see you. who says the spending cuts of days away are such a horror? [screaming] >> neil: lady, will you calm down. things aren't so bad. why are these guys not shot up? shut up. these guys are whooping it up. so, please, pipe down. my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident.
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>> the cuts will be blunt, brutal, and blind. >> the military, the time we need it the most. >> it would mean 0,000 children dropped from the head start program. >> here's today, but for the day. >> we poured tens of dollars into that. now, for 12 days, from what politics tell us will be total devastation, why are they on vacation? sequestration set to kick up and congress kicking it feet up. which tells me, the automatic cuts going into place are not a big deal, or to congress going on vacation, frankly, is a bigger deal. the wall street journal suspects
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they doth protest too much. the 85 million bucks in cuts they're talking about are hardly cuts at and all in the scheme of the 3-1/2 trillion budget more like rounding errors. but amazing, all this fuss, incredible. reporter: everybody in washington has to take a deep breath and maybe they're going to have to take a valium. there is panic in the city, and i'm right here in the belly of the beast. but the truth is, washington actually might get hurt a little bit. this is going to cut the spending in this town, which did very well during the recession. for the rest of america, we'll all be fine. let's just keep our eye on one number. it's a nickel. we're talking about a nickel out of every dollar. how many businesses have done that? cut their budgets? how many families have done that? so we can do this, and it's just a start. >> neil: and by the way, as you always point out because you have been ahead of this, a nickel off the increase that
1:19 pm
is -- so even under this plan, which is part of the ten-year plan, we're still going to be left under the best of circumstances $5 trillion more in debt than we are now. so leading the fact aside -- >> let me -- >> neil: where are we going here? >> let me add one other statistic. look at the money on the sandy relief bill. you covered the story. 10 of the billion dollars was for the relief of people who lost businesses and homes. the other $40 billion was for pork barrel spending. neil, that $40 billion we spent on pork barrel spending and sandy, that's more than the entire amount of the domestic cuts under the sequester,. >> neil: that's a very good point. serves as a reminder -- i'm not for the willy nilly arbitrary custodies in defense. i am here too say if these are sew ownous and pri are -- so onerous to the nation, what happens when we get a lot bigger
1:20 pm
than just a nickel on spending, and when we have to start really hacking this down to size, not just merely throw solo -- slowing grow drought but god for bid reverse the spending. >> this republican leaders say we'll turn the sequester off and cut elsewhere. i said, it should be sequester plus. we have to do this cut. that will cut the first 80 billion. but if you just said, neil, okay, where are we going to get the other trillion dollars -- >> neil: who came up with this? the democrats say republicans did. the reps say the president did. think both sides had this as sort of the backup spending back bop if they didn't show any backbone and cut anything. so now they're all denying it. >> this came about because, remember back in the 2011 dead ceiling debate they couldn't come to an agreement. so propresident obama came up with the plan because he thought by having 50% of the cuts in the defense budget the republicans would cave in.
1:21 pm
they would blink and he miscalculated. almost just almost exactly a year ago when the president said, will veto any bill that attempts to get around the sequester. now he is acting like it's going to be the end of the world if we do the sequester. >> neil: amazing. hang in there i just want to put in perspective. 85 billion, 3-1/2 trillion budget. if we can't do that, map, holly to -- holy toledo. the guy in social security telling lawmaker to get on or there won't be social security. he ripped republicans and democrats and he says time is i wasting and you want to protect the social security checks? he said we could be within a few years of seeing them in doubt. 8:00 p.m. tired of all of this haggling over hagel in i want to meet the guy who says it's time to forget
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hagel. and flying under the radar, literally. no one saw russia's meteor until it was too late. one scientist says we got lucky. next time he has his doubts. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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>> neil: we're told that chuck hagel will live to fight another day. one says why bother? he said he would be at best a wounded defense secretary even if he does survive, so dump him. he says all sides and the nation would be the better for it. explain. >> i think you have a situation, neil, where you have a guy who is not going to be a strong secretary of defense. he is not prepared by experience or by education or, frankly, by intelligence for this particular job and would be coming in at a
1:26 pm
very, very difficult time with the sequester and all the other things going on. mr. hagel may be a very nice man but we have a lot of people whoa we be better. i don't think we're going to get anybody but hagel. he's going to be confirmed and figures to be what mr. obama wants, a guy who is not going to be independent, who is not going to have a deep knowledge of the defense community and not going to be a very effective guy over >> neil: some secretaries of defense, leeon panetta, no defense background, did a pretty good job, utilizing his congressional skills and advisory skills. turned out to be a good assessor of the state of defense in this country you. don't think hagel could groove into that job the same way? >> i don't think so, and i disagree with the premise. we look at the pentagon right now. leeon panetta for a year refused to plan for the sequester. so now if hagel gets in -- and
1:27 pm
he will -- the first thing he will get hit with is the whole chaotic element of the budget and he is not going to be able to deal with that very well. mr. obama is getting what he wants. he wants a compliant man and is going to get it. >> how do you know that hagel doesn't take himself out of the running? >> i can't imagine a man with his ego would take himself out of the running. he has made it clear he wants the job. at this point i don't know why because he will have more problems than he can have solutions and not going to be backed by the kind of team that he really would need there look, we have not had a general really rebel against what a president wanted to do since 1996. the people who are there now are good people, yes, but they're not as strong as they need to be to make hagel a good secretary of defense. along at what happened when he wad less ash 'ton, same kind of experience and qualifications. he went in there and he threw everything up in the every every day. he met a mess of the pentagon but he had a very good military
1:28 pm
behind him and they prevented it from becoming a real disaster. >> neil: any other possible names you can think of? i nye it's few and far between but if that happens, who? >> well, dozens and dozens. a lot of people. look at the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. >> neil: all right. in seeing you again. thank you. >> neil: last week's meteor flew right under the radar. but it turns out the meteor, roughly the side o the bus, going up detected until i fly over and then exploded over russia. we got lucky, maybe next time we won't. doctor, what do you fear happening? >> well, the fear is that the next one that hits us will also go undetected and we won't -- it won't end up explode that high above the ground.
1:29 pm
this one blew up 30 miles high. and it will be over a major city. >> neil: now, why can't we detect these size types of events from space? they're too small or too many or both or what? >> essentially we're not locking. -- not looking. they're not difficult to find but we don't have a dedicated space telescope that is looking for them. that what you need to find them. telescopes on the ground can only see one way. if it's coming from the direction of the sun they're not going to see it. so, you basically need to be out in space looking back at earth's orbit, andle that would find the great majority of asteroids that could hit the earth and decade inside advance. we would have the opportunity to deflect it. we do have that technology. >> neil: seems we have been lucky, that so many objects hit
1:30 pm
our atmosphere all the time but has to be larger and get them lower in the sky to explode to do some lasting damage. do you think we're going to go through a period or does this stuff cycle in pers where that is a possibility? >> no. it's a random occurrence. and the odds are not huge. but they add up. and so you don't know. right now we don't know when the next major impact will be and we'd like to find out. >> neil: seems like a lot of the ones that have been noteworthy in the pass, like the one that hit siberia in 1908. largely unpopulated region, but had the same meteor hit, for example, london, i'm told that london would be gone. so that when these things do hit, they hit over largely unpopulated areas. not all the time. that just the mathematical odds
1:31 pm
of that tipping are small, aren't they? >> eventually, i always tell people we're playing a game of cost mcroulette with the earth, and most days we win but you can't keep winning forever. every gambler knows that. so our foundation is doing this privately. we are going to -- we are building a space telescope right now, already begun construction, and launching in 2018 to find the asteroids and we'll put the data online so that we know when the next one of these is going to be happening decade inside advance so we can deflect it. >> neil: even, ignorantly speak only my part here, those coming in the direction from the sun so you can still detect them. >> yes. well, from our position in space we can see them. >> neil: doctor, thank you very much. a pleasure having you. who knew you could sue from a cell arranges jail cell. the terrorist behind a 1993 world trade center bombing, the first one, wants out of solitary
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con finement so he is taking his case to court, our courts. does he have a case? our legal eagles are on the case. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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♪ [ male announcer ] hodo you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ >> a true automotive breakthrough. >> neil: suing to get out of solitary. reports that terrorists responsible for murdering six people and injuring more than a thousand in the first world trade center bombing 20 years ago, is now filing a lawsuit so
1:36 pm
to get out of solitary cop fine independent prison in colorado. he says he is only in solitary because he is considered a terrorist, saying it's a violation of his due process. our legal eagle say that there might be a case or might not. when i heard this, my first reaction was, there's no way this guy has a case, is there? >> he may have a case but i don't think he's going to win. he has every right to. >> neil: he does have the right. >> to have the contact ban be lifted but the folks who decided this was the right thing to do in the first place are in the best position to know what needed to keep this guy where he should be and if there's anything we know about terrorists you can't trust them and they're crafty and sneaky -- >> neil: but if he has not had due process, does he have a case? >> i think he does have a case,
1:37 pm
and i don't really see what the problem is by letting him out. of solitary. not the entire prison system. let him go and play with the white supremacists and see what they think. >> you think he would endanger himself but there's no real justification for keeping him where he is now. >> i don't see the point unless the penal system has no confidence in their own ability to track communications with him. i don't think how it's an extra punishment. let him go out and go into the yard, let's say, with the gang members and the white supremacists. and introduce himself. >> neil: do you find it odd he can use our legal system to his freedom. he could use the system that he despised enough to allegedly want to destroy, to earn his
1:38 pm
freedom. and you have no problem with that. >> i have no problem with him trying to get himself into what i consider to be a less favorable position. >> neil: that's a good point. >> we have the eighth amendment and it's there to protect people from unreasonable pup-ment, and i don't have a problem with checking the system and making sure -- >> neil: solitary confinement and shackles and not able to talk or communicate with anyone, that is undue punishment. it's a contact ban help is not allowed to talk to other people but it's for a reason. it's not there for retribution. he is no because we like to punish him and want to make it extra tough. >> how come we can't figure out who this guy is going to talk to? >> neil: does he talk to anyone? do we mow? >> he talks to his lawyer and his lawyer says, no, we don't really need this -- >> nobody wants to talk to
1:39 pm
lawyers. >> neil: isn't the fear if he gets out socialize with others there's a greater likelihood he will talk or communicate to others who get the word back and forth. >> that's paranoia. have some confidence in our -- >> neil: i built a career on it. you don't think that would be a little too much? >> to -- >> neil: to heighten the possible that someone like this can communicate to bad guys or bad guys to him? >> there are only bad guys there. >> neil: i'm talking about outside bad guys. >> if they can't regulate who convict terrorists communicate with outside of prison walls, what can they do? >> neil: we have seen cases they have got 'through. >> and we have learn nothing? >> i think it's a risk. i think that this is not just some random really bad bad guy. this is a terrorist who -- that's the way they work, is by doing -- >> neil: does our country afford even guys like this, intent on
1:40 pm
destroying the country, the same legal rights afforded anyone else? >> absolutely. >> neil: on just that level. >> i think so. >> i think there's definitely -- >> neil: he is using our system to get his way. to get that. >> that's o'position he is in. i don't understand why he is alive. i'm saying let out of confinement. >> neil: you say the system allow him. >> that's the concept of the. if with can't give the rest rights to those who are least deserving, what can we rely on? he has the right to hold the government to the standard it has sift but it don't thell actually get anywhere because the danger he is a terrorist and is going to continue terrorist activities is too great and we can't be careful enough. >> neil: you raise a good point what would happen to him outside of confinement. just the fact that's guy can sue, makes you wonder about the lawsuit this guy had.
1:41 pm
>> at it pretty simple. osama bin laden its dead. and gm is alive. >> i about the a little bump bumper sticker for you, osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. we can now proudly say, osama bin laden is dead, and general motors is arrive. >> neil: maybe not quite to hear washington talk, al qaeda is ramping up and now gm is slowing down. what's going on? >> thanks for having me on. joe body bide makes dan quayle look smart. if you look at events from 9/11 forward with a jaundice close eye you see al qaeda and its affiliates resurgent in the middle east in fears of wars we're retreating from, iraq and afghanistan, and now across africa and north africa. so the notion we did get one bad
1:42 pm
guy, we have actually defeated militant islam, think is a false premise, and it's dangerous to sell that to the public. we have a lot more work to do. >> neil: he's pretty smart and his perception about terrorist threats was dead on. so i will ask you about the gm reference that the vice-president made, and that is that gm is alive and well and back. do you quibble with that as well? maybe it could be having problems? explain. >> i don't quibble at all. i think it's flatly wrong to say that gm is now alive. on february 14th, gm released its preliminary numbers, whichs are not yet audited, and did it the same way numbers were released in 2000 at the height of the internet bubble. a lot of nongap arguments. when you look hard at what has actually happened with all the help and support that gm has gotten from so many different governments, their sales in automotive land are up less than
1:43 pm
1% thankful gross margins have been almost cut in half, down to 6.7%, their pretax profit has gone from a profit of 6 billion to a loss after all goodwill right down to $30 billion. that hardly a sign the company is roaring back to life. so people need to look hard at the annual report which is coming out in two weeks or so, and that will give us the kind of granular detail that we need to make a far more informed decision. but from what see so far, it is definitely not on the right track. >> neil: if gm were to fall on hard times, would we rescue it again? >> it doesn't make sense to rescue a company unless you're going to change its competitive position to redress its competitive weaknesses. we didn't do that in 2009. gm didn't go goh bankrupt -- go bankrupt anywhere other than in the united states. it has a terrible position in europe. it's going to be costly to fix europe. doesn't own the majority control of its operations in china, and
1:44 pm
when i take a hard look at the public numbers available, it certainly did not change its competitive position for the better. >> neil: thank you very much. good seeing you. >> thanks for having me. >> neil: very nice duds. but what the frock are you doing? don't cower to those senatey -- snooty designers when yo you wear the same outfit. eam will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes." i don't have the door code. who's that? he won a contest online to be ceo for the day. how am i supposed to run a business here without an office?! [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries worldwide. fedex. ..
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1:48 pm
sound like dick van dyke. you can't do english accents anymore. >> neil: people don't know you're from the bronx. >> this is sour grapes. came up with punk, but at the same time -- >> neil: punk fashion? >> yes, but she got rejected by cate kate middleton in 2001 -- >> neil: so she has a judge. is mean to kate middleton she gets a lot of press. and she is introducing a knew new fashion -- neil theme other do we have a picture? >> she is a big -- >> and cate middleton wears many top designers, however she doesn't wear her. this is where you're getting
1:49 pm
comments from dame vivian about indicate middle don. when she gave the interview she was wearing a t-shirt that said, i am julian a swung. she is claiming that indicate -- kate middleton should not reware her outfits, but because it's good for the environment to rewear your clothes. kate middleton is among the most photographed women in the world, not unlike princess diana. >> i don't have a problem with people wearing the same outfit. we put enormous onus on public figures not to be seen wearing the same outfit. >> she is known for recycling outfits. she sayres clothes with her mother. there's one particular pair of nude heels.
1:50 pm
wears them all the time. she has her favorite pair and mixes that mainstreet fashion. >> neil: i notice that a couple of times she has repeated an outfit, for whatever reason. people notice it. i like the way you wear this on arbor day. >> people respect that in britain. it's austerity in britain. times are tough. so kate middleton has to fly the flag but has to be respectful and a lot of people are going through difficult times. it's like michelle obama wears fashion. j crew. >> neil: we catch her if she has been wearing the same frock, the same with laura bush. we catch things and there's a big deal if they have worn an outfit. >> when you're somebody who is photographed, you want to retain interest, and one of the ways you retain interest in your personality and what you're doing is by being photographed in a different outfit every
1:51 pm
single day. >> neil: sometimes it's multiple outfits in the same day. >> that's a little crazy. kate middleton is middle class, married the prince, will be queen. >> she is middle class? >> very much so. middle class girl. >> neil: she has castles. >> she does now. her mother was an -- for british airplanes. >> neil: even you're offended by the way they're jumping on her. >> at the end of the kate middleton has generated more than $1.6 billion for the uk. studies have been done. and every once in a while she is photographed in a very expensive designer gown but most of the time she is photographed in a degrees that is 200, $300, very accessible to the average person and i give her kudos.
1:52 pm
>> i'll give you kudos to listen to what the president is really saying on immigration reform. [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and en treats day after day...
1:53 pm
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1:55 pm
♪ ♪ >> neil: so it turns out it was all talk or it certainly looks that way. the president telling republicans to cobble together a plan for comprehensive immigration reform. it looks like the white house apparently was knee-deep in a plan of its own and one that could make 11 million illegals here who are here perfectly legal in eight years. to historian nick says it puts pressure on congress to come up with its own plan. nick, i could see that, but this is more than a little way in anto -- into an alternative plan. this is constructing what you wanted all along. >> this reminds me of li lyndon
1:56 pm
johnson. the president is trying to put pressure on congress to get something done. leaking the speckor of his plan to "usa today" i don't think was meant to have congress adopt it per se, but remind the gang of eight and others that there is a plan in waiting. if they can't get something done the president could step in. this is different than how he went about it in the first terp. this is aggressive and proactive. >> neil: i will disagree on this point. i think it makes a mockery of the promise to cobble together a bipartisan agreement for you already cobble together your own plan in the end after all the executive actions that, you know, executive orders, just remind folks if the president doesn't get things his way, he will just ram it down the throat his way. >> well, and i agree. he has abandoned the bipartisan approach. but he says it as much in the inaugust ral speech and the "state of the union." it was bipartisan. he said i tried that the first term and didn't work.
1:57 pm
>> neil: then don't pretend you'll do something bipartisan now. if you go my way or the highway or the virtue of that strategy, just do it. don't say you are going to come up with a plan you hope both sides will agree on when you come up with a plan to legalize those who shouldn't be here who many people should go to the back of the line. but under the timetable that gets them darn near the front of the line. so don't say you are going to do one thing and then do the opposite. >> well, he wouldn't be the first president -- >> you are right about that. then don't make a big cause celeb you will be different because you're not. >> honestly, i think he has given up the idea of being bipartisan or post-partisan. it's thinly veiled as you said. it's the president unincumbered and say i have a mandate, which is what i'm doing. >> neil: somebody at the white house leaked it for a reason. to put pressure on congress to come up with something or pressure on democrats to come up with something but he is clearly saying to democrats as well this is what i think is
1:58 pm
ideal. evenbe though it caught them off-guard. what is the benefit of that? >> it was a classic trial balloon. this is what the president and politicians do. float trial balloons. it was intended to put pressure on democrats than republican to say i'm on a mandate and on a roll. i have ideas. if you don't get it done we'll do it my way. this is what presidents do. don't be shocked. >> neil: here are my ideas. it hate your ideas. anybody, good to see you. >> thank you. >> neil: that will do it here. more on the fox business network. why is one of washington legendary money guys shaking things up? he is the guy in the white wig dance. the next to her is alice ridland. remember her? man, oh, man. get ready tonight. ou learned sog along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have.
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